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Learning As A Lifelong Journey

1.  And… I’m Out.



Is it over yet?  I remember thinking this when I was younger.  School – it seemed endless, the lugging of books, late night home work assignments due the next day and trips to the Library for research (Yes, if the book on Terrorism was out – you needed to select a different topic for your assignment).  Is it over yet?  That’s what I kept thinking.  Then something magical happened, I had to get a job and go into the real world.  Little did I realize, my life journey of learning and greater knowledge was just beginning.


2.  When The Day’s Over, I’m Too Tired.


Hmm, ya I’m tired too.  Get over it buttercup – learning in the evenings is a fantastic way to gain knowledge.  We all have favorite TV shows, or sports we make time for in a split second.  Why not turn off the TV and take an hour to discover something new?  Check out your local college for night classes, or register online for classes at your leisure.  Download a Podcast and listen to it on your iPod. There are plenty of options, you just need to be committed to devoting 2-3 hrs a week to expanding your horizons.



3.  Learn One New Thing a Day



Trust me, this works.  Treat everyday as a school day – earmark 5 mins to learn something new.  Anything.  Here are some of the things I leverage for knowledge acceleration:


4. Learn from Journeys Already Taken



Reading is exercise for the brain.  Pick up a book and read about how other professionals experience their journey through life.  A book is an amazing gift – take advantage of it!


What other ways are you educating yourself?  Leave me a comment below.






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