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The Importance of Perspective

Perspective – I have always liked the analogy of  a ‘glass half empty or a glass half full’.  It is important to realize that there are people in the world that will see it both ways.  And both are correct.  Either way, the ‘glass’ is the same – the contents are the same but the perspective on the quantity differs from person to person.


  • Be Aware of Other Perspectives.



Here are some situations where perspective is very important:

  •  Working with a customer – if you put yourself in their shoes, would you feel like the experience was exceptional?  Better yet, ask them – get their perspective.
  • Facing a Competitor – how are they positioning themselves against you?  How do they think they can beat you?  Try take their perspective.
  • Being tasked with a project – stand ‘figuratively’ behind the person asking you a question, or suggesting you work on a certain task.  Imagine yourself looking over their shoulder, what do you see?  Why are they asking you?    Try and visualize their viewpoint.  Try it – I’ve done it and it works.
  • Yourself.  Take a step back and look at yourself walk by.  Are you happy with what you see?
Go ahead, try these – let me know the outcome.  Was it helpful?
Have a great week.




2 thoughts on “The Importance of Perspective

  1. Thanks for another great read Dave! Our thoughts and perspective are incredibly powerful and undoubtedly create a significant impact on our lives. I recently read a book by an aspiring young author, Yahaya Baruwa, entitled “Struggles of a Dreamer,” and I was reminded of this quote as I read your post: “A man’s thoughts influence his actions, his actions influence the results, and then, ultimately, the results will determine the type of life he lives…man’s thoughts always, without fail, equal his reality.” The glass half full perspective sounds petty appealing!

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