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Simple Ways to Reuse Your Blog Content

1.  Make Something Old –> New…



I did this a couple months ago.  A member of our Sales team passed me an old floppy as a gift – a blast from the past if you will.  After looking at it briefly, I decided to use it as a coffee coaster.  Its actually a great conversation piece.  Instead of going in a drawer or being sent to the Smithsonian, there is sits, on my desk… everyday.  My point – your old blog posts can do the same.  Here are some simple ways you can reuse your old marketing content:


  • find an old post – take a look at the Title, body text and tags.  Can they be enhanced to better serve up in searches for relevant keywords?  Example, lets imagine you have a blog on Home Improvements.  In it, you have an old blog post on how you finished your basement project on time and on budget.  Here’s the old post title = My Basement Pics; edit the title to read = How To Finish A Basement On A Tight Budget.  By doing this simple edit, your search will have a much better chance of finding the first page on @Google search results.
  • send out a tweet with a link to your old post – generate new visibility for an old post.  If the content is still relevant, its worth sharing!
  • lead nurturing campaigns – use an old post as content for an email campaign; help move leads along in the funnel.
  • email signature – I don’t know about you but I send out more than 50 – 100 emails a day.  Add a link to an old blog post and watch the traffic increase.
What other tips can you think of for reusing old blog posts?


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