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The Importance of Perspective

TweetPerspective – I have always liked the analogy of  a ‘glass half empty or a glass half full’.  It is important to realize that there are people in the world that will see it both ways.  And both are correct.  Either way, the ‘glass’ is the same – the contents are the same but the

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Attitude, Attitude… Attitude.

TweetAhhh, the sometimes elusive positive attitude.  At times, it seems like there is nothing to be positive about.  Here are a few examples of things that can sink your attitude: Frustrated team members = can drain you Irate customers Broken Product(s) Constant policy changes The guy who walks in your office and never has anything

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Work On These 3 Things

TweetFor most of us, New Years is long gone – the champagne bottles are recycled, the tinsel cleaned up and the well wishes a thing of the past.  Well, I bet the resolutions are a thing of the past too.  Time to refresh (no need to wait until Jan 1. 2014), here’s a list of 3 simple things you can

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Learning As A Lifelong Journey

Tweet1.  And… I’m Out.     Is it over yet?  I remember thinking this when I was younger.  School – it seemed endless, the lugging of books, late night home work assignments due the next day and trips to the Library for research (Yes, if the book on Terrorism was out – you needed to select

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