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5 Key Steps to a Productive Day



1.  Start with a List 


If there was only one point to make in this post, this one would take center stage.  No list… no traction on anything.  Think about it – you enter your office/work-space and you get hit with a ton of high, medium and low priority issues.  Each containing an appropriate level of urgency depending on the messenger.  Having a list (I create one for Personal and one for Business each and every day) will diminish your chances of running around on a daily basis.  Here’s a sample:


– setup email campaign

– launch webinar link

– lead gen numbers for CEO



– bank regarding paperwork

– finish basement drywall

make signs for Lemonade stand Saturday


Oh, and one more tip: Put the item that has been procrastinated for the longest at the top.  Don’t leave work until its done.


2.  Schedule Email Reading


Like your hands on the wheel when driving…  read emails @ 10 AM and 2 PM.  Watching the Outlook email notification popup on your screen every couple of seconds is like chasing the next shiny object.  While there are exceptions, most email can wait for the above rule.  Read every email that makes its way into your Inbox…..  the instant it makes its way into your Inbox… and you may just go insane.

Guaranteed you will accomplish nothing all day long – except for the latest emergency.  Remember, 10 & 2.


3.  Get the Fireworks Out of the Way



Yes, we all have one.  The loaded firework ready to go off.  You know about it, you lose sleep over it – perhaps its an urgent call with a customer, an outstanding bill to be paid, an irate employee wondering where his sales bonus is and a whole host of other items.  Suggestion… tackle the issue first thing.  Most often if left unattended the issue can become a mountain rather than the small molehill it actually is.  Tending to it early – allows you to get on with your day.


4.  Dress Sharp



Dress according to your business dress code – anything else looks like you could care less.  Keep the jeans and sandals for casual Fridays.  Careful though, ‘Dress for Success’ can be overdone as well.  Check out Paul Castain’s ‘Screwing Up The Dress for Success Thing’


5.  Get Out of Your Comfort Zone



You hear it all the time – why not try something new?  Well, how many of us actually take this up and go out to ‘try something new’?  Coasting in your comfort zone is a dangerous road to be on.  Take this challenge (trying something new) – put yourself in one uncomfortable situation a day.  Do this and I guarantee you will grow both professionally and in character.

So with these few points, I challenge you to set your sights higher.  I can speak from experience, ‘the only thing stopping you, is you’.

Want to add to the points above?  Leave a comment below.


Dave Malda.





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